Brad Pitt ‘Obsessed With Drawing Poop’ — Actor’s New Craze Revealed

brad pitt

Brad Pitt has found a hilarious new obsession; drawing poop almost everywhere he can.

The actor, who is given the impression he has nothing better to do, is reportedly having a lot of fun drawing piles of poop on paper and even documents.

‘Star’ allege that essential pieces of information, such as tax reports, are the only kinds of documents he does not draw poop on, but other than that, he does not limit himself to anything.

The source then goes on to add that Brad Pitt has formed such an obsession with it, he sometimes confuses his own signature with poop drawings and draws a pile of poop over his initials when signing for business deals.


It should be noted that ‘Star’ is the same magazine, along with the ‘National Enquirer,’ that infamously claimed the actor was boycotting the bathroom and refuses to take showers for days on end.

This is also the same tabloid that claimed Angelina Jolie was sleeping with Brad in Jennifer Aniston’s favourite hotel to make his ex-wife jealous.

They have most certainly topped themselves this time.

Brad Pitt has yet to comment on the hilarious report, although a response is most likely not going to happen. Don’t hold your breath.

Written by Shayna Kudler

Hello. I'm Shayna, and I write... a lot. I'm always looking for the next breaking story; the more shocking, the better. Besides that, I love music and reality television. Love & Hip Hop has to be one of my favorite "ratchet" shows on TV right now.

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