Farrah Abraham Slams Nick Minaj In Feud: ‘Help Your Brother Stop Raping People’

farrah abraham

In an ongoing Twitter beef between Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham, it seems as if the MTV star doesn’t plan on backing down from this one anytime soon.

The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ contestant was said to have been outraged when she got wind of Nicki calling her the c-word after Minaj caught up on an episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ in which Farrah degrades her own mother’s parenting skills.

The episode shows Farrah being quite aggressive and rude towards her mother, who she asked to babysit her daughter as she partook in the UK version of Big Brother.

Nicki didn’t appreciate the way Farrah spoke to her mom, which ended up leading the twosome to have a huge Twitter war, calling each other the c-word every now and again.

But it seems as if Farrah has taken the deepest dig, dragging Minaj’s brother, Jelani, and his infamous rape case in the mix of things.

Jelani, who is facing charges for allegedly raping a minor, was bailed out of jail by his famous sister just last month. And while the case has died down in the presence of the media, Farrah made sure that she can be just as offensive to those who bash her over social media.

The reality star wrote a lengthy essay to HollywoodLife (which we’ve decided to shorten), arguing her point on how Nicki shouldn’t be talking about anybody when she sells sex to make money.

Furthermore, Minaj has no right to judge others when her brother is alleged to be raping children, she adds.

“I think it’s great to be creative and an artist and I try to keep it positive. When someone acts like their better and yet talk disgusting with choice of language I now have no respect for Nicki and I no longer will Allow my daughter to listen or watch her music.”

Nicki Minaj has not responded to Farrah’s latest dig, and she probably won’t since there’s really no coming back from the diss that Abraham threw her way this time around.

Should Nicki have called Farrah the c-word to begin with?

Written by Shayna Kudler

Hello. I'm Shayna, and I write... a lot. I'm always looking for the next breaking story; the more shocking, the better. Besides that, I love music and reality television. Love & Hip Hop has to be one of my favorite "ratchet" shows on TV right now.

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