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Ciara’s Nude Dress Leaves NCAA Football Fans Outraged


Ciara, who performed at the NCAA championship game last night, left football fans stunned as she showed up in a sheer dress, which showed more cleavage than some would consider appropriate

The 32-year-old ‘I Bet’ singer, who had teased her performance prior to her performance of the national anthem, did not leave many people as cheerful as she was following her rendition of the song.

Many social media users had stressed that the dress Ciara opted to wear for the night would’ve been more appropriate at a red carpet event. It totally distracted people from focusing on the national anthem, but maybe that was her plan to begin with.

Aside from the scandalous outfit, many people complained about the Grammy award-winning star’s singing abilities, which many described as being ‘fat.’

“The real loser of the National Championship was Ciara. As soon as she started “singing”, my baby started crying!” one user wrote on Twitter, adding a photo of their child sobbing during CiCi’s performance.

Ciara, on the other hand, held her head high, despite the backlash she received for her vocal abilities and her somewhat of a shocking choice in fashion.

“Truly Grateful For This Moment, and To Be A Part Of A Special Night #NationalChampionship,” the mother-of-one tweeted to her millions of fans right afterwards.

Ciara has done quite a few of these national anthem renditions in recent months, and while it’s obvious that her voice isn’t strong enough to sing these kinds of songs, at least, she made an effort in trying to perform it well.

Still, it is hard to deny that the outfit she chose to wear was not a distraction from her performance. Either way, Ciara remains positive over the whole fiasco, while football fans continue to slander her on Twitter.

Written by Kandi Katrone

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