Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth ‘Wedding Back On’ As Couple Rekindle Romance

miley cyrus

After months of begging, Miley Cyrus has finally convinced Liam Hemsworth to take her back. So much that the couple is planning to get their engagement back on track.

The twosome infamously split in 2013 over what reports claimed was Liam’s disagreement over Cyrus’ scandalous and raunchy new image. He did not approve of the things Miley was doing and wanted out.

The singer, who would pen the son ‘Wrecking Ball’ in reference to her own chaotic relationship, has now, however, managed to turn things around with her on-again, off-again lover.

Sources reveal that Miley and Liam are definitely back on. Following her trip to Australia two weeks ago, not only did she mingle in with the likes of Liam’s friends, it appears that the actor’s family have given the former Disney star the benefit of the doubt that she has genuinely changed.

Did anybody buy her foam finger act as her true self? We sure didn’t.

“Miley is thrilled and privately telling friends they’re soul mates who belong together,” the source alleges.

Some of Liam’s friends are still unsure about the couple’s reconciliation, especially since Hemsworth really struggled to come to terms with their most recent breakup.

The 23-year-old ‘We Can’t Stop’ hitmaker is hoping that she can finally get back to that happy place she was with Liam before the media outrage and the scandalous headlines.

She wants the engagement to be back on and hopefully marry Liam sooner than later, for she genuinely believes that Hemsworth is the one. No matter how many times they break up, Miley Cyrus will always run back to the 26-year-old because she doesn’t see herself with anyone else.

“Before he couldn’t cope with her partying and constant attention seeking, along with her terrible jealousy and paranoia, but that all seems to have changed — at least for now,” the insider concluded.

It is believed that the two will be moving in together again now that their relationship has more or less been confirmed. No announcement on their engagement yet, though.

Written by Merema Leures

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