P. Diddy ‘Shuts Down Instagram Page’ Claiming Son Justin Combs Is Gay

p. diddy justin combs

An online gossip outlet found their Instagram page deleted after alleging that P. Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, is gay.

The Industry On Blast was notified that their social media account ‘was no longer available,’ following dozens of photos the site posted, claiming to be in possession of evidence that Justin had been seeing his friend, Brandon Sermons.

After the pictures became wildly popular on Instagram, SandraRose alleges that P. Diddy himself made a few phone calls to the execs over at Instagram, who helped him shut the gossip site’s social media account down for good.

Those who are familiar with the story are now questioning why Diddy would make the effort to even acknowledge the social media account, which was rumoured to have been run by Angela and Vanessa Simmons at one point.

diddy justin combs

The two socialites have already denied having any affiliation with the blog or its Instagram page.

However, it should also be stated that Diddy and Justin were endlessly tagged in captions that the gossip blog was posting underneath the photos which supposedly proved that Justin is gay.

Popular entertainment website, Fameolous, also covered the story, alleging that they actually broke the so-called ‘news’ regarding Justin Combs’ private life, having correctly exposed several other celebrity affairs in the past.

All in all, some people just looked at the report as gossip while others believed what TIOB had posted was true.

It is baffling to try and understand why a site would boast up outing a celebrity’s child, regardless of whether the story is true or not. But either way, the social media account no longer exists thanks to the powerful connections P. Diddy has in the business.

Justin has not responded to the salacious allegations that have been made against him in the past couple of weeks, and presumably hopes that it stops here.

Written by Shia Rougentail

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