J. Cole Confirms Secret Marriage After Being Outed By Interviewer

J. Cole Confirms Secret Marriage After Being Outed By Interviewer


J. Cole confirmed that he has married his longtime sweetheart, Melissa HeHolt.

But it wasn’t shared to the public because the rapper wanted to. He was more or less “outed” by ‘Creed’ director, Ryan Coogler, who accidentally shared the news to the audience, oblivious to the fact that Cole never told the public about it.

Though there had been rumours of an engagement last year, the ‘Wet Dreamz’ rapper never commented on the situation, having often told media outlets that he prefers not to expose his private life for the pleasure of other people’s interests.

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We’re given the impression that Ryan must be a good pal of J. Cole, for he already knew about the marriage when he openly discussed it during the interview.

Again, he wasn’t aware that J. Cole hadn’t shared the news with his fans, so when he asked the Roc Nation signed artist how married life had changed him, the German-native was left puzzled for a second.

Cole and Melissa have been together since their high school days; she was more or less with him when he was still trying to convince Jay-Z that signing him will be one of the best decisions of his life.

He wasn’t wrong, either.

Since it has now been confirmed that J. Cole is married, fans shouldn’t expect him to open up any further details regarding his marriage to HeHolt.

Congratulations to the couple.



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