Kris Jenner Horrified Over Weight Gain Photos, Hires Nutritionist To Get In Shape

kris jenner

Kris Jenner was so mortified over recent weight gain photos that hit the internet, she immediately hired a nutritionist in the hopes of getting herself in shape.

Last week, Star magazine had shared some very unflattering photographs of the momager during her short-lived trip in St. Barts with her daughter, Kendall.

The photos seemed to have caught Kris’ attention in a matter of hours, as it prompted her to make a change in her eating habits, which she supposedly says has been anything but healthy.

And we all know that Kris likes to drink, so the idea that alcohol and an unbalanced diet has affected her body would sound just about right.

“She has already been given a nutrition and diet plan. But she has not actually started at her workouts yet,” a source is quoted saying.

“Whenever Kris is stressed or depressed, she turns to food and alcohol,” and considering the long hours that this woman works, she’ll constantly be holding on to a glass of wine.

One shouldn’t forget that Kris Jenner is a mogul in her own right; she manages all of her children’s careers and has built a billion dollar empire in a the course of seven years. The fact that she doesn’t have time for herself speaks volumes.

Well, at least until now. The 60-year-old is destined to do something about her recent weight gain, which, although has been quite notable, it is nowhere near as bad as Rob Kardashian’s condition.

The spoiled reality star, who lives with his sister, Khloe Kardashian, was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and despite his conditions being extremely risky, sources say he’s still eating unhealthy junk food.

Hopefully, Kris can be a good example to her son now that she’s battling a similar situation. They also say that it’s harder for women to lose weight than it is for men, so if she can do it, so can her son.

Written by Shia Rougentail

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