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Steve Harvey Not Being Sued By Miss Columbia Over Embarrassing TV Mishap

steve harvey

Following reports that Miss Columbia had hoped to file a lawsuit against Steve Harvey for “humiliating” her in front of millions, those reports can finally be put to rest.

Steve made the embarrassing mistake by announcing the wrong winner during last year’s event. Either Steve does not know how to read, or he did not practice very hard since he ended up confusing Miss Philippines with Miss Columbia; a mistake some say is unforgivable.

Eventually, he acknowledged his wrongdoing. Miss Columbia was embarrassingly denounced as the pageant winner and watched as Miss Philippines was reintroduced as the champion.

Despite having apologized during the live taping and on social media right afterward, the damage had already been done.

steve harvey

Steve Harvey became the laughingstock amongst social media users, who created endless memes out of the unfortunate situation.

Apparently Miss Columbia felt more embarrassed than Steve because she was alleged to have said that she was going to sue the 59-year-old for $5 million, claiming he had embarrassed her in front of millions of viewers.

However, Ariadna (Miss Columbia) and Steve did sit down on the TV personality’s talk show this week, which just so happened to be their first encounter since the notorious Miss Universe mishap.

Surprisingly enough, Steve became very emotional during their encounter.

They talked about forgiveness, possible lawsuits, and how Ariadna says she came close to even taking Steve Harvey’s mansion from him.

But in the end, some news did come out of their discussion; she was not planning to sue Steve after all.

In the end, this was a silly situation that had been blown out of proportion. Ariadna should note that mistakes happen and she was still named as a runner-up for the competition show.

This arguably means that she’s still the second most beautiful woman in the world. She’ll be okay.

And Steve, promise us you will practice your speeches beforehand, otherwise next time you might end up broke (through lawsuits) and find yourself back in Ohio.

Written by Akilah Nuredeen

I'm a 24 year old aspiring blogger/journalist. I love all things trending from celebrity and entertainment news to the latest clothing styles. I love to write, travel and experience new things. I also work hard and expect a lot from myself. I tend to set standards high for myself and always have a way of meeting them. I also have huge dreams and plan to make every one of them come true no matter how long it takes. Hardwork always pays off!

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