5 Iconic Famous People Who Shockingly Died Without Having Sex

5 Iconic Famous People Who Shockingly Died Without Having Sex

adolf hitler virgin

Although these people ruled the world/made an amazingly profitable business/changed the world through studies, they may have died without ever losing their virginity.

In the list below, we will show you the top 5 famous people who died without ever having sex.

5. Mother Teresa

mother teresa

A woman devoted to being a Catholic nun, she never did activities that would be intended towards self-pleasure, such as sex. Through her life, she was very devoted to being Catholic, and ultimately never had sex before she died.

4. Nikola Tesla

nikola tesla

Founder of many inventions that help society run smoother even today, amazingly never had sex, throughout his entire life. It wasn’t because he wasn’t asked, but more so because he thought that having sex would distract him from work. Abstaining from sex would help him focus better without the distraction of thinking about getting intimate with other women.

3. Lewis Carroll

lewis carroll

If you have read “Alice In Wonderland”, you probably know him, as he is the amazing author of that book and many others. However, he never married or had a relationship with anyone, which caused him to die a virgin.

2. Queen Elizabeth I

queen elizabeth virgin

Even though she was one of the most powerful and famous rulers of England, she eventually died a virgin despite all the power she had. No one knows why, but she died a virgin because of rules set for herself and died as the “virgin queen.”

1. Adolf Hitler

adolf hitler virgin

Although married, he never had sex with his wife or even slept with her. Although he may have been busy with commanding a country, he eventually died a virgin. He was also rumored to have been bisexual because of the way he acted towards men and women alike, but he still died without losing his virginity.

There you have it: 5 famous people, who died without losing their virginity.

Even if you are famous, other virtues or rules that you have set for yourself may restrict you from doing things you may have wanted to. Nobody wants to die a virgin, right?



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