Three Reasons Jamelia Is A Great Motivational Speaker


When it comes to motivational speakers, they don’t come much more motivated than British recording artist Jamelia. One of the UK’s most famous female R&B artists, she’s a woman who has never let herself be pigeonholed, and as a result she has a glittering career that’s helped her to pick up some of the biggest awards in the business and carve out a new niche in show-business while she’s at it.

Now 35, she’s been in the world of showbusiness for more than half her life, and for all of her adult life, giving her a unique insight into the pressures that the business can put on young people.

Fiesty, talkative and incredibly intriguing, she’s a celebrity guest who’ll appeal to a wide range of people, but is sure to go down especially well with younger audiences who remember her heyday as a pop artist.

As a cast member of Loose Women, she can also tap into an older demographic of women who watch that show – and of course, any true R&B fan will be blown away by the opportunity to hear from her.    

If you think that an appearance by Jamelia could be just what your event needs to ensure it’s a cut above, keep reading to find out more about what makes her an exceptional motivational speaker.


Tough upbringing

Jamelia was born to single mum Paulette in 1981 in Birmingham in one of the country’s toughest council estates; her father Donald was a convicted armed robber who had been jailed on multiple occasions, and was absent for much of her childhood.

Her family life has been nothing if not tumultuous; one step-brother was stabbed to death at the age of 15 when Jamelia was just 13, while several other brothers have been convicted or investigated on murder charges. It’s a background that it’s taken the pop starlet a lot of hard work and determination to leave behind and it bestows on her an extra layer of credibility as a motivational speaker.   

Abusive relationship

At 15, Jamelia made it out after signing a record deal with Capitol Records and a couple of years later switched to Parlophone. It was with this label that she had her greatest musical successes, with the tracks Superstar and Thank You.

Her three studio albums have all charted in the Top 40, and have spawned a collective eight Top 10 UK singles as well as four MOBO awards, a Q award and nine nominations for BRIT awards.

It wasn’t until many years later that Jamelia opened up about the abusive relationship which she had been in as a young singer. She was in a relationship with music manager Terry Wallen for more than two years and the pair had a daughter together, Teja.

All was not as rosy as it seemed to an outsider, with Wallen physically and verbally abusing Jamelia. The singer blames her father’s absence for her willingness to stay in the relationship as long as she did: “If I’d had a role model and guidance I wouldn’t have allowed a man to disrespect me. I’d have left the first time I got boxed in my face. I thought my dad didn’t love me so I thought it was normal for a man not to treat you with respect. But it’s not normal.”

This relationship was another huge hurdle in the way to Jamelia’s continued success, but one which she overcame with support from others and deeply rooted personal motivation.

A second wind

In the intervening years since her third album, Jamelia has become a familiar face on our TV screens, presenting several documentaries and making a name as a regular panellist on ITV’s mid-morning chat show, Loose Women.


She’s also continued to work tirelessly for charitable causes, most notably ActionAid, Food Aid and the Prince’s Trust.

She’s a woman who has never let her chequered past get in the way of a bright future, making her a fantastic motivational speaker who can move audiences to tears with her personal strength and bravery, as well as charm them with her wit and charisma. 

Jamelia agent

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Written by Merema Leures

Hi, my name is Merema. If learning about pop culture was a degree I could've studied when I decided to take on a three-year course at college, I would've probably had the highest grades in my class. But instead, I settled for a BA in Film and a Master's in Filmmaking.

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